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A social enterprise is an organization or venture that achieves its primary social or environmental mission using business methods.

Denver, Here We Come!

Denver, Colorado warehouse for new recycling jobs for people with disabilitiesDenver, Colorado warehouse for new recycling jobs for people with disabilitiesDenver, Colorado warehouse for new recycling jobs for people with disabilities

Blue Star Recyclers is expanding our mission of creating local jobs for people with autism and other disabilities by opening a new facility in Denver, CO. The build-out construction has begun and we hope to begin operations in Denver by December 2014. Like our operations in Colorado Springs, we will provide certified electronics and bulb recycling, and hard drive shredding services for businesses and residents in the Denver area.

Blue Star Recyclers will be sharing space with two outstanding organizations, Energy Resource Center and Mile High Youth Corps, to form the "Social Enterprise Foundry", where together we will create up to 100 jobs in Denver for people with various barriers to employment. A story in the Colorado Springs Gazette explains more about this expansion.

Watch this space for updates on our Denver expansion and grand opening dates!

NBC and Denver's Channel 9 News Shares Blue Star Employees Success

A special segment in the 9 News Sunday evening program shared how Blue Star Recyclers achieved success through employing people with autism and other disabilities. The story described how some people with autism have special skills like a propensity for systematic work and repetitive tasks that make them star performers in disassembling electronics for ethical recycling. Leigh Schilling talked about achieving goals and how she feels respected for her work at Blue Star Recyclers. Read or view the entire segment. You can also check it out on NBC's website.


Blue Star Recyclers Collaborates with Arts Street in Denver

Employee at Stanley e-Waste Recyclers dismantling a computerBlue Star Recyclers is proud to announce a very special collaboration with Arts Street, a non-profit organization that creates opportunities for young people in Colorado by providing career-based educational programs that incorporate real-world learning, artistic expression, and creative thinking. This summer, four Arts Street youth created large art pieces using recycled materials, to be incorporated into the architecture of our Denver facility. Through problem solving and creative thinking, they repurposed old e-waste materials in order to create interesting, and modern installations. Way to go Abraham, Janey, Mohamed, and Keller!

Recycle Computers for FREE
To Celebrate America Recycles Day

Blue Star Recyclers needs computers for our employees with autism spectrum employees to desassemble.

Blue Star Recyclers will celebrate America Recycles Day on November 15 by accepting computers to recycle for FREE. On that day only, Blue Star Recyclers will also remove and securely shred hard drives to protect personal data. "America Recycles Day is a great opportunity for people to securely destroy data and recycle computers for free," said Bill Morris, CEO of Blue Star Recyclers. "It will also help us keep a steady supply of computers to be disassembled by our employees who are on the autism spectrum or have other disabilities." If you are near the Colorado Springs area, mark your calendar to celebrate America Recycles Day and get your computers recycled at Blue Star Recyclers. Blue Star will accept other materials for recycling that day at normal rates. Recycling event flyer.

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